Saturday, April 11, 2015

J - Jebal Ali

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Jebal Ali is located on a little point that sticks out in the the southern part of the Persian Gulf.

During the 3 months we were in the Gulf, the Lincoln made 5 stops in Jebal Ali!  We were supposed to only make 3 visits and then head to Australia & New Zealand, but Saddam Hussein's son in law defected and tensions heated up and yeah, a lot of political BS that I didn't understand at the time.  So we stayed on patrol in the Gulf until the next carrier group showed up to relieve us, face to face and missed out on Australia & New Zealand.  There's a void in my life ~sniff~!

Luckily, I missed a couple of those visits, due to being beach det (see "B") but I saw a different part of the desert.  We were filled in on some of the customs.  Mainly we were told what NOT to do so as not to offend the locals. We were told to always stay in at least pairs. Wear modest, collared shirts and don't show too much skin (especially us girls).  Don't use your left hand for anything since apparently it's the one they wipe with, so its considered unclean. Don't sit so the bottom of your feet are pointed at anyone - that's just rude.  Try not to be drunk in public.  If you go shopping, be sure to haggle - they love that.  I got a gorgeous gold necklace from the Gold Souk (mall) for a steal!

I was surprised at how many people there knew English!  It made for a much more enjoyable experience and I got the impression that most people in the places we visited enjoyed the chance to converse with an American in our language.

Bars were interesting.  We heard of a supposed "country bar" and searched it out.  It was quite a shock to see these men in Western shirts and Wranglers, while wearing their red & white checked keffiyeh (head scarf)!  They played a mix of country and rock and pop music.  And I would have loved to know what the locals were thinking when someone played Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA!

Damn, didn't post this under B.  So here it is now!  the Hard Rock Cafe in Bahrain.



  1. That's just too rich!! Seriously. I love it!
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    with the A to Z Challenge

    1. I really enjoyed the experience of visiting other countries. This is some place that I'd never have gotten the chance to go to, otherwise!

  2. Here from the A-Z. Interesting to read an American's perspective of life in the Gulf.

    Best wishes for the rest of the challenge

    1. It was so pleasant to learn that not everyplace we hear about in the news is as bad as they make it sound.


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