Wednesday, April 22, 2015

...just keep swimming

Welp, I've posted a loss for the last 3 weeks!  Its looking highly unlikely that I'll make the 12.5 lbs I want to lose by Miss Angela's graduation, but at least I'm headed in the right direction. I can always extend my goal to her grad party in August. I KNOW I'll have it gone by then!

I missed tracking on Saturday, but did decent the rest of the week. And activity was OK.  22 APs. Pretty soon Angel will have her driver's license so I won't have to be the dance shuttle anymore!  That is the biggest time suck of my day.  20 minutes each way and she's there 4 days a week, at least 3-4 hours so I'm not going to stay there!  I can't wait to be able to stay home while she drives herself!
I'm trying to figure out why last Wednesday was so high.  Not complaining, but it's odd. I went to work.  Took the kid to dance.  Went to my WW meeting.  Nothing out of the ordinary. But when I look at the detail of the day it's showing registering a reading from 6am Tuesday, which would be normal, but also all of Tuesday night and Wednesday night up til Midnight.  So I don't know who was wearing my Activelink after I went to bed!  I usually leave it clipped on my bra when I take it off and lay it on the dresser.  So no idea why it was reading anything!

Tonight's meeting topic was supposed to be about turning "why" into "how".  But of course our Fearless Leader always goes off her own way!  She talked about anchors.  Not the things on ships, but "a process of creating cues and triggers to remind yourself of your goals".  

She has things listed like "Fitversary" or your anniversary of joining WW.  Awards.  An event.  Special clothing. 
So I guess I have 2 anchors.  The event of Angel's graduation (or party) and awards.  I proudly wear my WW bling on my purse.  I took it apart to clean the washers, so I used the opportunity to take a pic.  
The keychain was for my 10%.  The silver washer is for 25lbs.  The gold washer for 50lbs.  Those are the good ones.  I consider the others geedunk bling.  The umbrella for the April attendance challenge.  The snowflake for some winter challenge.  The running dude for exercising so many days per week for a month.  The square & 2 sets of clapping hands are for 4 months / 16 weeks on program.  If they'd actually given me all those (and I knew where they were), I'd have......close to 20 of them!  

The plan is to go grocery shopping tomorrow night.  I'm going to make up a better plan of what I'm going to be eating.  During the week days is pretty predictable, but the evenings & weekends are the problem.  And for the next 2 weekends, Miss Angela has dance competitions so I'll be at the mercy of the Dancers Only buffet table.  I'll be sure to grab some 100 calorie packs of almonds or something to keep in my purse so I can avoid the table somewhat and still not starve to death.  All the parents sign up to bring food to share, so I signed up for bananas and fruit like that. 

Wish me luck and wish the kids luck, too! 

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