Thursday, April 9, 2015

H (part 1) - HazMat Spill Drill (a ghost story)

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I have a scary story!

Normal shipboard life involves drills for any situation that may pop up.

One day, someone spilled some milk (aka a "hazardous material") on the quarterdeck of the Canopus.  The alarm was sounded and those of us on the duty fire party (the first ones to respond) raced to respond.  Myself and another guy were the junior people on the fire party, so we were sent to a lower deck to get the hazmat kit to clean up the spill.  We ran down several flights of stairs and threw open the door to a passageway that went across the width of the ship.

Immediately the temperature dropped and we could both feel a very angry presence!  Maxwell and I stared at each other with big eyes, we didn't want to go in, but we had to get the spill kit!  So we darted in & grabbed the somewhat large trunk that held the spill kit and FLEW back upstairs to the scene.

At the time, noone could tell us what the hell happened down there (he was a black guy and he said that almost scared him white!!) but when I did some research later, I found out that area had been a confinement area and in November 1970, there was a fire that killed a guard and 2 prisoners.

I don't think that someone was happy!


I have another story to tell, so I'm gonna make a second H post!


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