Monday, April 6, 2015

E - I love meEEEEE wall

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Heehee, using some artistic license with my alphabet today!

One day I would like to have an office or a den where I can make a proper "I Love Me" wall, but for now, it's sort of scattered around my house.  An I Love Me wall is simply a display of things that you've collected over your career.

Here is the bulk of my goodies - in the main hall of my house.  The hubby had to add his Arkansas constable stuff in there, too.
Up close - the Canopus & Lincoln things on top of the shadowbox would go on a ballcap.  The traditional USN Zippo lighter.  Of course the POW/MIA card.
Inside the shadowbox are the various ranks I went thru, and medals and qualifications I earned. 
This plaque I got for my reenlistment in 1996.
 This plaque we got when the Canopus was decommissioned.
The ships' store on the Lincoln had a bunch of neat patches commemorating the cruise.

 Shirts were always fun, too.  I was afraid I'd wear these out, so I framed them.  
And you can't have an I Love Me wall without the pretty certificates!
The top one is the Domain of the Golden Dragon from crossing the International Date Line.
The second is the Persian Excursion for being in the Persian Gulf.
The bottom is my most prized.  My Shellback Certificate.  This shows that on September 18, 1995, I was cleansed and found worthy by Davy Jones and King Neptune to be initiated into the Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep.  One who has not been initiated is called a Pollywog.



  1. Nice collection - we have a huge canvas framed print of a SNFL deployment in the center of my husband's wall. I recently found a local artist who does paintings of ships against a background of the nautical chart of the homeport so I added one of those to the display. Would love to add all his ships to the collection before retirement.

    1. Ooooo, that would be awesome! I saw someone else who had a large print of the sailor kissing the nurse at the end of WWII - I'd like that, too!

    2. I love that photo! I received an 8 x 10 copy as a gift - I should dig it out of the album, frame it and add it to the wall.

    3. You should!! It's such an awesome photo that has such feeling.


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