Thursday, April 30, 2015

Z - Zzzzzzzz sleeping on a ship

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They caught me on the #azchat on Twitter when they asked how many people were using "Zzzz" for their last post!  Guilty on one count!

So let me grab this pic from the X post again.....

On the Lincoln, I was in female supply (duh!) berthing.  My head was at the very most forward spot possible and we were right at the waterline.  So in a situation like this below.....I could go to sleep hearing the waves against the hull.   I slept SO GOOOOOD!

You may think this is funny....but it's exactly what a berthing area looks like.  It has for many, many moons. You'd have up to 6 people in one small area trying to get ready at any time of the day or night.  When a certain rack came open, I jumped at the chance to get one, even if it were on the bottom.  Middles were prime real estate because they were the easiest to get in and out of and easiest to find stuff in.  The rack I wanted was in the corner, but since it was at the front of the ship, the wall followed the curve of the hull and gave the 3 of us tons of room. 

This is the inside of your rack.  We also got a stand up locker that usually just got stuffed with stuff we seldom needed.  And most ships have a seabag locker where you can store the rest of your stuff.

I always made sure to have my alarm clock set 2 minutes before reveille.  Imagine waking up to THIS  !!!



  1. Oh, yeah, compared to the berth, my dorm room was a penthouse! So, how often did someone roll out of their berth on accident? Or awaken startled and hit their head?
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    1. I don't know of anyone who rolled out, but I knew plenty who banged their head! I knew one guy who was close to 6'8" tall - I have no idea how he slept! Anyone who was over 6 foot for that matter.


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