Friday, April 25, 2014

V is for Vitamins

Pretty general, huh?  There are at least eleventy-gazillion kinds of vitamins out there on the market.  I personally have never noticed feeling or seeing results when I took certain vitamins (hair, skin & nails - I'm looking at you!)

But one day - I was tired of feeling blah.  I don't know if I was just tired of the long winter or what, since I'm generally a happy, easy going person.  I was feeling anxious & overwhelmed and like the weight of the world was all on me.  So I stopped in CVS looking for some vitamin D, thinking that would help. 

Instead I found St. John's Wort and thought I'd give it a try.  

This is the only thing I've ever taken that I have noticed a difference.  The main thing is that I don't have the crazy, hateful PMS days that I'd get every month.  I would have a day or two in the week before that time of the month when I was quite frankly a huge bitch and I knew it - yet I couldn't seem to do anything about it!  The best I could do was just stay by myself as much as I could and try to keep my mouth shut.   In the 3 months or so that I've been taking this - no bitch days!  I felt it trying to creep up on me earlier this week - so I took an extra tablet & was good to go!  

I'm not a doctor or what-have-you.  Use common sense when taking stuff!!

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