Monday, April 28, 2014

Friend Makin' Monday - Life Skills

Happy Monday!

Right after I got to work today I got a call from the principal of Miss Angela's school - seems the tensions that have been brewing on her bus finally came to a head this morning and she (among others) have been banned from the bus for 2 weeks.  I can't wait to hear about the driver, too - since I heard she was incompetent b*tch and shouldn't be around people in general, let alone kids! I love listening to teenager's opinions!  Since I heard the story as it developed, she won't be punished horribly on my end - I'm sure she just had enough and expletives flew.

I hope that's the extent of my excitement today!

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Life Skills

1. Do you know how to drive a stick shift?  Yes.  And while I was temporarily assigned to Bahrain (back in 1995) we were given a column-shift mini van as our duty vehicle and no one else could drive it, so I got to shuttle all 3 shifts back & forth every day.  It's sort of fun to drive in a foreign county!

2. Do you know how to jump stat a car?  Yes.

3. Do you know how to perform CPR?  Yes.  My card is expired, but I was all up to date when I was a Girl Scout leader.

4. Do you know how to hang a picture?  Yes.  One of my living room walls is called "the Angela wall" since it has her most recent school picture and all of her recent dance pictures.  I get a professional 5x7 of her in each costume.  I'll have to shuffle them around this year since she's in 9 dances - the most ever!

5. Do you know how to ski?  Nope.  Never wanted to learn.

6. Can you draw a basic map of the world?  Probably.  I'm sure it wouldn't be pretty.

7. Can you do a decent dive into a swimming pool?  Yes.  I've never really tried a diving board, but off the side - yes.
8. Can you open a champagne bottle?  Can't say that I've ever tried.

9. Do you know what to do if you spill red wine on the carpet?  Gasp!  Alcohol abuse!  I'd go check Google!

10. Do you know the proper way to fold a fitted sheet?  People fold sheets????  That's crazy talk.  Psht.  I can fold it good enough.

Now it is your turn!!

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  1. You are far more accomplished than I am....but I agree with you about the sheets!


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