Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for Dates

Dates.  Odd fruits, these.  They seem like they should be like prunes are to plums, but they're not. 

This were one of several adventures in grocery shopping I had for this challenge. I've eaten these before, but they came in a bag of trail mix!   These were displayed in a large box with tongs in the produce department at Kroger.  I used the tongs to grabs some and put in a bag for the cashier.

Instead of some fancy recipe, I remembered reading in one of my smutty historical romance novels that they had dates stuffed with almonds at dinner. So I thought I'd try it!

I learned that there are pits in dates.  
So I sliced them down the side and popped the pit out with the tip of my knife. 

Then I folded 2 almonds into the opening.  

Overall, they were pretty tasty.  Dates are dense and only a little sweet, so they went very well with the salted almonds I used to stuff them with.  It was a nice light but filling snack. 


  1. Replies
    1. I don't think they're something I'd have in the house all the time, but they were interesting to try.

  2. Oh I love dates. I make raw brownies with them and people are so surprised to learn ... afterwards of course ... that they are made with dates.

    1. raw brownies? I've made brownies with applesauce before, so I believe it can be done. I bet they're really rich tasting!


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