Monday, April 21, 2014

R is for Rust

Here is my little mean green machine.
Also known as a 2000 Ford Escort.

I've come to the conclusion that this color is invisible to asshats, so if you don't see it - you're an  asshat, too!  But I digress.

I bought my little car in late 2002 and it's never left Michigan.

This was taken in late January during the second (third? idk) polar vortex that came thru SE Michigan. 
This is what most cars look like around here in winter. The white coating is salt spray from the roads. 
When the temps don't get above freezing, you really don't want to go thru a car wash, especially if you want to get your doors open the next morning (or that just me??)  So the lovely corrosive coating stays.

Let's look closer at a cleanish car, shall we??  

This is not going to be pretty, since there have been times I fully expected my car to break in half after hitting a pothole. 

I find it interesting that the driver's side is much worse than the passenger side. 

 Above the rear tire, drivers side. 
btw - Krylon rustoleum paint in the initially appropriate color doesn't stay.  
I tried it last summer.  It's a lovely dirty blue now. 

 In front of the rear tire, drivers side. 

 In front of rear tire, passenger side.  WTF !!!

Under the driver's side front door. 

This is the reason I will be getting a new car soon!  I've never had a bit of trouble with it in the 11+ years I've had it, but the body is probably going to fail.  Booo. 

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