Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for Gypsy / Gregory

I was just going to write one brief bio for my G post, but increased it to 2.

Gypsy Rose Lee (because I have a fascination with this form of entertainment)

Rose Lousie Hovick (Gypsy Rose Lee) was born in Seattle, January 9, 1911. She grew up on stage with her family, doing vaudeville acts like "Baby June and her FarmBoys" and later "Rose Louise and her Hollywood Blondes". At age 15, Louise made her first burlesque performance - wearing a grass skirt....and not taking much else off. The audience loved it!

She took Gypsy as her stage name and she had a sucessful career in burlesque. She became very popular and mixed "tease" (since not much stripping went on) with humor and intelligence in her shows. She even was welcomed at high-society balls.

She did her share of movies, too. Many were based upon her overbearing mother, Mama Rose.

Gypsy Rose Lee died of lung cancer April 26, 1970 at age 59.

So there's no doubt as to dance being part of my theme - Here we have Gregory Hines.

Miss Angela could only dream to tap like this!

Gregory was born in New York City, February 14, 1946.  He started out dancing at age 5 with his brother and father.  He was in many movies that featured his dancing (the Cotton Club and White Nights with Mikhail Baryshnikov, for example) and was even known for a smooth singing voice. 

He was inducted into the Tap Dance Hall of Fame in 2004
(*note to self* go look this up. I didn't know such a thing existed!!)

Gregory passed August 9, 2003. 

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