Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a great day, no matter how you celebrate!  It was beautiful, sunny & 70 here today. I also saw either 2 eagles today, or saw one twice!!  I know some live in Michigan, but I'd never seen them before. 

My mom had hip replacement surgery on Friday, so there has been a lot of running back & forth to the hospital to see her and such.  On the plus side - she will be moving to a rehab facility tomorrow for a few weeks until she's able to get around better.  It was so amazing to see her at her physical therapy today and she was walking along chatting with the nurse, standing upright!  Her hip has been hurting her for WAY too long, so it has to be a relief.  

I didn't get to the hospital until after she was in surgery.  Everyone else took off work, so they were there before she went in.  So I didn't get much work done, because they were all texting me & being obnoxious.  I left about an hour & a half earlier than my boss said I could, because I really felt guilty for not being there.  Luckily, Angel & I got there about 20 minutes before they paged us to say she was in a room.  She was clear & coherent (if a bit weak) within a few minutes of waking up. 

When we were there today, she was able to get out bed by herself and use the bathroom without help!  But what I heard, the pain she feels now is from the incision, not from her hip.  How awesome is that??

 Laurie stole Mom's hospital bed.

Miss Angela got some smiles, walking thru the hospital.

Last night we colored eggs.  We had all the family in the area over at Mom's house (without her!) and also my brother in from Ohio.  Ate some Chinese food,  Drank some beer.  Visited.  

 This "Bag Bunny" has been making appearances for 17 or 18 years.  

Sister Linda attempted to dye eggs using shave cream & food coloring.  Then left the shave cream unattended with Terry in the room.  Mistake!  That guy cannot behave, ever!  I got it, too. 

Then this morning, my little family went out to Laurie's and had an Easter egg hunt with sister Laurie & brother Terry.   Laurie's got 5 acres, so we hid eggs a total of 3 times.  This was the first year any were hidden IN the barn. 

Of course we had to visit the horses.  They really watch when we're out looking for eggs.  I'm sure they're wondering what the heck is going on. 

Poor Princess was recently diagnosed with Cushings Disease.  It's a tumor on her pituitary gland that affects things like her temperature regulator (she never shed her winter coat last summer at all) and balance.  She'll be on meds and a special diet for the rest of her life.  She's 24 years old. 

Angel considers Princess "her" horse.  

Here they are in 2007.

Here they are in 2001!!   
Laurie had just bought Princess. 

Princess with Kisses & Captain last summer. 

Yup - we lost one.  We think one of the dogs had a snack. 

We are on the homestretch for the A-Z Challenge!   I haven't been visiting other blogs anywhere near like I should {shame}.  I want to see a bunch more, since I've come across some really good ones so far!  

One of Angel's dance teachers started a new semester at school so they had to shuffle classes at the studio to accommodate her new schedule.  So now we are there 5 nights a week - groan!  Tuesdays and Fridays she just has one class, so I stay there, but the other nights I'm at least able to leave & go grocery shopping or run other errands while she's in class.  Tomorrow I will be staying there, since the owner finally got around to finishing off her back room utility room and asked me to paint it for her.  I got the first coat on Friday.  When the new studio was built, I told her when she was ready to paint, let me know.  She has not been afraid to take me up on that offer, ever!  There aren't many walls in that whole building that I have not touched personally with a brush / roller. 
The next competitions are the first 2 weekends in May - SQUEEEE!

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