Saturday, April 5, 2014

E is for Eggs

We occasionally enjoy having breakfast for dinner. 
Last night was no exception. 

 I was apparently playing short-order cook since everyone had something different. 

Miss Angela wanted French Toast.
2 eggs, a splash of milk & cinnamon. 


Next up is Randy's scrambled eggs, toast & bacon. 
3 eggs & a splash of milk. 

 I bake the bacon.  I lay it on a wire rack over a cookie sheet lined in aluminum foil. 
Pop it in a cold oven & set the heat to 400 for about 20-25 minutes. 
Super easy clean up!  

I make mine last, with the hopes that Randy is done and gone so he's not grossed out by it. 

Eggs & grits.
I apparently married the only Southern boy who does NOT like grits. 
And he really doesn't like my "snotty" eggs.

 They're actually done more than I usually like, due to me messing around with the camera and such.

Good stuff, Maynerd!


  1. Just stopping by from the A-Z. Photos of food - love it. Not sure about grits though, being a Brit. Keep up the good work.

  2. We love to have breakfast for dinner - or as my kids call it 'Brinner". Love some grits too and can't forget the corned beef hash (but then again I am from the deep south)

  3. I am not even sure what "grits" are but always happy to try something new. I wonder if we can get them in NZ. As for eggs ... OMG I love them, nothing makes me happier than a simple poached egg on toast!

    1. Grits are similar to couscous / polenta / hominy. Little grains of...grain, I guess! And don't have much flavor. Eggs on toast are soooo good!


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