Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M is for Modelling

I had a different topic chosen for this letter, but a neat opportunity arose, so I'm taking advantage of the letter.  I'll try not to ramble! 

Each year, Miss Angela's school district holds a career fair for high school kids to attend.  She asked me to take her & her friend Brittney (my daughter from another mother, I guess) to the fair.  I personally thought it was the coolest thing - they had booths with easily 200 different professions that the kids could get more info about.  But I digress.

Of course, my 2 - 16 year olds saw the "makeup artist" sign from across the crowded room and were drawn to the Paul Mitchell school (you know, the hair product people) booth.  They were chatting with the girls there (who I learned later were students at the school) when one of them commented on Angel's hair.  She has a mop of gorgeous thick dark blonde hair that she clearly did not inherit from me!  The older lady there (an administrator for the PM school) told the girl to ask them about the 13th.  So that is how Angel & Britt were invited to be models!  

Monica emailed me a pamphlet about the upcoming "Collections Hair Show" for charity and invited us to come in to talk with her and get more info.  I took Britt with us, since her parents are assholes and basically had no interest in her doing this.  (sorry - tangent - they make me mad!!)  The girls filled out a form with some info and noted what degree of work they were OK with the students doing to their heads.  Green was fair game - do whatever, yellow was minor work, red meant style only.  Both girls were sort of freaked out, since the first person they saw in the school had bright blue hair.  Both of them stopped & stared, shaking their heads. I assured them that I would NOT let these people give either of them blue hair.  So their color was yellow - NO bright / funky colors.    

The next step was a couple days later.  They got chosen by their stylists (students at the school) I didn't stay for this, I went to the antique store next door to browse & told Angel to come get me when she was done.  Angel compared it to a dodgeball game- the future models lined up and the stylists went along them, feeling their hair & such!  They also got to see the basic idea of the theme that the stylist had in mind for the show.

Next, we made an appointment to go in & Sam, her new stylist, touched up her grown-out highlights.  It's a good thing we had nothing planned for that night, since her appointment was at 5:30 and it was after 9:30 when we finally left!  All 3 of us got our eyebrows waxed, too.

 2 girls worked on her hair - first doing the foils & after, drying it. 

By then, it is Spring Break and Britt was staying with us, since her parents went to a dog show in Georgia (really?  Those things aren't any closer???)

So Sunday rolled around, Britt tried to coordinate her stylist with Sam, but it didn't work.  She got picked up from my house at 8:30 in the morning.  Angel didn't have to be to the school for hair & makeup til 11:30!  She texted me at 3pm, asking me to drive her & Britt to the hall where the show was being held.  They had the option to ride with the stylists, but I'm happy she wanted me to take them.  I like to see all the backstage chaos. 

So are you ready to see the final result???

 An eagle!
I love that Angel wore her sparkly kombat boots from dance!
Sam & Suzy's (the makeup girl) theme was birds.  
They had 4 models - a cardinal, a blackbird, a peacock & an eagle. 

 Britt was a 20's flapper.

 On the runway.

The runway looks were judged and I screamed in delight when Sam & Suzy were called for first place!  

A close up of her hair at dinner after the show. 

And both of these goofballs slept sitting up so as not to mess up their hair - so they could wear it to school on Monday!  Britt didn't wear her flapper dress, but still wore her pearls & headpiece.  And Angel wore the same dress with a jean jacket with all her feathers & micro-crimping. 

 LOL, Britt looks like a drag queen!

Angel was actually pretty excited about this, since she just recently had to turn down an opportunity to audition for local modelling work, since auditions were the same day as her first dance comp.  And those were just auditions - with this, she actually was guaranteed to be on the runway!   I don't think she really has hopes to become a supermodel of the world, she's all about her dance.  This was just a fun thing for her to do.  But then again - she may surprise me again! 


  1. Very cool. I think the eagle getup was the best one there.

    True Heroes from A to Z

    1. Thanks! I was very proud of her & her stylist. After seeing some of the crazy get-ups there, I was even happier.

  2. What a great opportunity. I'm sure it's something she'll remember for the rest of her life. She'd make a great professional model. She's beautiful.

    Visiting you from the A to Z challenge sign-up page. Great to meet you!

    Stephanie Faris, author
    30 Days of No Gossip

    1. Thanks - she knows it, too (BIG ego - runs in my family!) She's never had a bad photo taken, ever!
      One of the other stylists who helped on her mp of hair, asked if she'd be interested in doing another show this fall & she said yes in a heartbeat!


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