Monday, April 21, 2014

R is for Relief / Friend Makin' Monday

Stepping away from my theme for a day - but totally relevant to my life right now. 


My Mom went in Friday to have a hip replacement.  It amazed me yesterday to already see her getting out of bed by herself and using the bathroom without any help.  The physical therapist came in while I was there and it was the greatest thing to see her standing upright and walking normally (still shuffling for now, but better than that pained gait she had before).  The PT'ist laughed when I commented about how tall Mom looked! 

I thought it interesting that at her age (she'll be 80 in July, but you didn't hear that from me!), her hip wasn't worn out - she was pained because of many bone spurs in the hip joint.  So the pain she feels now is from the incision and she'll be off & running as soon as that heals.  Today she will leave the hospital and stay at a rehab place for a week or two.  The doc says she's good & healthy so her stay shouldn't be terribly long. 



This segment here is my usual Monday link-up.  I haven't done it for the last few weeks because of life happening.  I've missed it!

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Daily Routines

1.Do you eat breakfast each day? If so what?  Yes, I'd be a raging bear if I didn't eat!  During the week, I take oatmeal to work.  Weekends we either go out or just eat whatever we find in the house.

2. How do you commute to work/school and how long does it take?  I first drive my daughter to her bus stop and wait til the bus picks her up to cart her off to school, then I drive in to work.  It's about a 15 minute drive.  I usually get there 20 minutes early, but that's OK.  It gives me a chance to do FMM before work!

3. What is the first website you go to each day?  I check the weather as soon as I sit up on the National Weather Service site.  Sunny & 74 today?  Don't wanna be at work!

4. Do you check email/facebook/twitter before you get out of bed?  No.  It's not going anywhere.

5. Do you take lunch to works/school from home?  I pack my lunch, just so I have control over what I eat.  A lot of people there order out everyday.  Dispatchers clearly get paid more than office peeps!

6. What time do you normally finish work/get home?  I work 7:30am -3:30pm so I'm home by 4.  Traffic is heavier in the afternoon and it takes a little longer to get home.

7. Do you tend to plan your evening meals in advance or do you grab something on your way home?  I try to plan ahead, before grocery shopping trips that I hate going on.  I even have a whiteboard on my fridge to write my plans on.

8. What do you typically do in the evening to relax?  Ugh.  That doesn't happen much anymore!  Miss Angela now is at the dance studio 5 nights a week so I'm always on the go.  Tues & Fri she only has one class, so I'll stay there with her, so I guess I get to relax there.  I'll take a book or my cross-stitch project to work on.  The other nights, she's there for 3+ hours so I'll drop her off and run errands or do whatever.  I don't watch much TV so when I go get a few minutes, I either watch my one show (RuPaul's Drage Race) or I'll play hidden object games on the computer.

9. Do you fit exercise into your daily routine, if so how?  I fight to get to the gym 3 days a week.  Tonight I'll go right after work, since the studio shuttle doesn't need to happen til later.  Wednesday I'll go after the dance shuttle happens.  And I love my Saturday morning Zumba class.

10. If you had an extra hour in your day what would you do with it?  Oh man.  Clean my house?  It looks like a disaster area right now.  My hope this week is to force myself to use the little blocks of time that I am actually there to get a some picked here & there.

Now it is your turn to go answer them on your blog and don’t forget to go over there and link up in the comments and go and share the FMM love with other readers.


  1. Love your answers, especially the part about checking FB/twitter on your phone 'no, its not going anywhere' That is such a great way to look at it :)

    1. I don't do the Twitter thing - I told a friend that I'm not Jesus, I don't need followers - and she collapsed laughing! Just don't see the point of it. Facebook is pretty neat for finding & keeping in touch with old friends that I never would have otherwise. But I don't need to see political rants / last night's dinner / the kid's latest outing before I even get my eyes focused!


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