Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S is for Sweets!

I originally was going to write about something actually good for you - salmon.  But I didn't make it to the grocery store to get any, due to all the craziness with Mom being in the hospital with her hip replacement & Easter & all that jazz.   So what I do have is SWEETS!

Yummy, yet disgustingly bad for you, sweets. 

The Easter bunny sort of went overboard this year.  Oops. 


  1. Darn Easter bunny. Just can't trust 'em. Next time, tell him to bring salmon. Oh wait...can't hide salmon like Easter eggs. Never mind.

    1. I know, right?!?! He can keep the sweets and the salmon. I'd rather have $$ instead!

  2. I tried to catch the Easter bunny and send him on his way before he left all the temptations but he was just too fast!


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