Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for Utica

Gosh - I was at a loss for what to write for U...then this morning I looked at the side of the school bus my daughter climbs onto every day....UTICA!  Doh!

Utica, MI is an interesting place, since it is a small city with police, fire, library, etc. It's less than 2 square miles in size.  But it is also part of the larger Shelby Township that surrounds it.  It feels almost like a quaint downtown area.  Our school district is Utica Community Schools - one of the largest in the state of Michigan (25 elementary schools, 7 junior highs & 4 high schools).  Where I live in Shelby Township shares the same zip code as Utica.  

The same corner - then & now
Pretty sure this is the same bunch of buildings - but this area was destroyed by fire in 1904 & 1905 so they would be different.  

 The was originally a Methodist church built in 1839.  When I got married in it in 2006, it was called Christ Covenant Church, an inter-denominational church.  

Utica was first settled in May 1817 and went by names like McDougalville, Hog Hollow and Harlow, until people from New York state were attracted to the area and renamed it Utica after their home town. 

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