Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Love Critters - Volume 1


We got Skeeter when he was a baby. shortly before Angel turned 3.   His mama had adopted Mom & Dad up north and presented them with 3 kittens shortly after.  I chose this guy who came to be called Skeeter.   He has always been my boy.   He will be turning 11 sometime around July 11. 

When Randy asked me to move in with him - I told him I was a package deal - kid & cat ! 

Skeeter sleeps with me most nights.  His favorite position is stretched out next to me, with his belly against my hip, a front paw draped over my knee and his back foot on my stomach.  He's in the right place where I can rest my hand on his side.  He always has to be touching me somehow.

Last time I checked, Skeet weighed in at 19lbs. 15 oz.  He's a big boy!  He's very talkative and is the only one who occasionally gets to go outside.  

 August 2000 - before he decided plants were tasty!

This was his idea of fun in the apartment...using the underside of the couch to pull himself around.

This was part of the fun - peeking his head out from under the couch!

Monorail Skeeter at the aquarium station.


Photobombing courtesy of a very young Miss Angela.

Monorail Skeeter has reached the end of the tracks.

Chester likes to snuggle with and occasionally groom Skeeter. 

One of the few times Maggie has snuggled with either of the boys.

"This Space For Rent" 


This is one of my favorites.

 They're always so damn cute when the bed's not made!

 All I have to do is sit down & call out that I have a lap & look who appears to get in it!

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