Monday, June 27, 2011

Learn From My Fail....

Yes, I know I already posted my FMM today, however I was thinking about this post all last night.

Saturday I got my FireBall Liqui-Fusion in the mail.  I took one at lunch and then forgot to take them with me when we ventured out to the NWS for Field Day (A ham radio thing).  Sunday was better.  I took 2 at lunch and almost forgot at dinner, so I took 2 more around 8:30 last night.

Here is my LFMF moment.  Don't do that !  There is a reason it says on the bottle to "begin with one (1) softgel to assess individual tolerance."  I got about 1 1/2 hours of very light sleep last night.  It finally dawned on me around 3 a.m. why I was still awake. <<facepalm>> 

btw - Randy is the craziest snorer !!!  And the dog snores & woofs in his dreams - a lot.  And the cats use the bed as a super-highway in and out of the window, walking as close to my head/face as possible. 

On the plus side (or maybe not), here it is almost noon and I haven't crashed.  I don't feel like a zombie or anything. 

The bottle says to take 2, twice daily.  I wonder if it'll be better to take 2 at lunch & 1 at breakfast & dinner - so that little episode doesn't happen again?  I'll see how I feel today & maybe try that tomorrow.

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