Sunday, June 12, 2011

Getting there!

Alrighty! I've been busy!  5-hour Energy has been my friend today!

1.  The multitude of dance pictures are up on the wall!  And yes - I am aware that the 8x10 is crooked.  A high school friend who lives in Utah pointed it out (thank you, Facebook!!)  It has been straightened since.

2.  All of the soon-to-be potion bottles are clean, de-glued, wrapped, boxed & out in the garage.
Angel thought I was a nut for taking pics of them all, but it's for future reference.  Now I can look & see which ones need stoppers & also for deciding labels and contents.  FYI, WD-40 works great for removing stubborn label adhesive. 

 That second from the left has some kind of thick snot-like stuff in it - 
it's also full of bubbles that look pretty cool, so it didn't get emptied.

 The 2 bacon bit jars on the left were neat, so I kept them.  
And the alfredo Mason jar (2nd from right) with ounce markings on the side was a keeper, too.
Now all I need is some Crystal Head Vodka because that bottle is too freakin' awesome for words.  I've heard the vodka is pretty good, too.

Hmm, now that I look over them - they're a bit too colorful.  I'll have to pose a question to my H'ween Forum friends & get some advice to tone them down a bit.  

3.  The zombie doll needs re-doing again.  Right now she looks like a dead super-hero with how I painted around her eyes.  It looks like a mask.  So yeah, - back to the drawing board for her.

4.  I got the 1" connectors for the Sentries!  Pants, too!  They're coming along slow & steady.

5.  And here is proof that I got the clothes folded.  Orange-boy Chester is making sure to only lay upon the clothes that his fur is most likely to show up on.  Notice he's completely avoided the gray shirt.

So anyway - this weekend hasn't been totally wasted - I got a lot done!   Laundry was a huge chore in itself!

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