Monday, June 20, 2011

Friend Makin' Monday

I'm making some new friends on !!

FMM: Yes or No?
  1. Do you use coupons? No.  I have a hard enough time returning bottles!
  2. Do you like football? Not really, me like hockey!  But I will watch the Razorbacks if I have to.  As for pro - we have the Lions.  No further explanation needed.
  3. Are you in a relationship? Yes, happily married for almost 5 years, been together over 9.
  4. Is your phone always within arm’s reach? Most of the time- when the daughter doesn't have it in her sweaty little paws.
  5. Do you like thunderstorms? Yes. And I am a Nat'l Weather Service certified SkyWarn weather spotter
  6. Can you cook? Yes. But Paula Deen has nothing to worry about!
  7. Are you – or have you – lost weight? Yep, around 50 lbs so far
  8. Do you know how to read a map? Yes.
  9. Do you wear makeup? Yes.  Some, but it never stays on long.
  10. Do you read regularly? Yes, all the time!
  11. Are you publicly affectionate? Yes.  I have been known to grab the hubby's butt at random - because I have a license for that - LOL!!
  12. Do you like picnics? Yes
  13. Do you have a/c? Yes.
  14. Have you ever been out of the country? Yes. A few times - I was in the Navy for 8 years so I got to see a few places I normally wouldn't choose as a vacation destination.
  15. Do you know how to ride a bicycle? Yes

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