Saturday, June 18, 2011

No more bottles!!

OK, maybe a couple more.

We went to watch niece Lisa at a 4-H horse show today and told myself I was totally stopping on the way home at this antique store I've passed 1000 times before.  They have an outside area with a lot of salvage windows & wrought iron fencing & yard art.   Inside I swear you could look for a week and still not see everything.  Mainly because it was a huge freakin' mess.  Paintings stacked against the wall, stuff hanging from the ceiling, stuff everywhere, just crazy.  But I found out in the barn / shed / fire trap a couple shelves of old bottles.  I swear I have more than enough for my potion bottles, but these are just too awesome. 

 I mean - look!  A little brown jug that the lady swears must have been waiting for me, since a high school drama teacher had been in 2 weeks before, specifically looking for that item - and didn't take it!  The big green bottle is 1/2 gallon size.  The smaller clear one originally held bluing & the smaller green one was hand-blown and is super thick and heavy.  I can't belive I paid $5 each for those, but my next purchase made up for it.

This is *supposedly* from the 1860s and it in horrible condition.  Plaster & paint have chipped off the frame and the portrait has a huge nasty stain.  However, it is 21x15 inches and has that awesome bubble glass.  They originally were asking $65 for it, but she gave it to me for $35 !!!   I have a non-Halloween plan for this, believe it or not!  I am going to research Victorian clothes & hairstyles and (after restoring the frame) have a portrait made of Miss Angela and have it done in that sepia tone.

I have to think for a little bit - because they had another one of these bubble glass frames with a nice deer print - in MUCH better condition with an unusual shape, rounded across the top & flat on the bottom - for $45.  Don't know what I'd do with it, tho.

I chatted with the owner for a bit when she asked what the bottles were for and told her my Halloween plans & she asked if I'd seen the wrought iron fencing out by the parking area.  As a matter of fact, I had!  It was 6 foot tall and had several sections, I didn't look at how many.  Very ornate & cemetery-like.  The tag said $300, but she was ready to give me a deal on it.   I like that idea, but probably will pass on that.   I don't think Randy would be very open to the idea of a permanent cemetery fence in the front yard!

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