Friday, June 10, 2011

The evening of partial projects

Just call me Ms. Half-Assed!   I started so many projects tonight & didn't finish a darn one of them.  Mainly because I can't - for some reason or another. 

1.  I took all the pictures down off the living room wall so I can re-arrange and make room for all of this year's new dance pics.  I don't have enough 5x7 frames for all of them.  So that calls for a trip to the local Salvation Army tomorrow.  And then a visit with a can of gloss black spray paint.  Until then - I can patch the holes from all the nails & touch up the paint.  And all the other frames are stacked and against the coffee table.

2.  Because I got a couple new ones tonight, I unwrapped & ran all my future H'ween potion bottles thru the dishwasher.  2 of them had to be un-corked & emptied of nasty perfumed oil & random real and/or fake vegetation.  They are currently sitting on a towel on the kitchen counter, drying.  And their wrappings are piled on a kitchen chair.  I noticed that a couple of them still have glue on them, so I have to research how to remove that before I put them away.   Sometime later in the season, I will make labels & figure out contents for them.   I also need corks for them.  I'll probably have to find them online.

3.  My newest zombie doll got her coat of gray spray paint.  I actually did this the other day - but she's still not done.  She's got those glass eyes, so I put little pieces of tape over them before spraying - so now it looks like she's got really bad tan lines.  She needs her makeup done!  And a name.....

4.  Can't forget about 'the Sentries' who are standing out the garage in all their naked PVC glory.  I need 1" straight connectors, since my inital plan changed on how they're going to stand.  And they need pants.

Then the no-so-fun stuff.....

5.  There is a mountain of clothes on the couch to be folded & put away.  BLAGH !!!

Heehee!  I love this guy! 

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