Monday, June 20, 2011


I have 2 confessions to make. 

Saturday....I ate like a freakin' pig & didn't track a darn thing.  Angel & I went to watch niece Lisa at a 4-H horse show, so we stopped at McDonalds on the way.  FYI, a large sweet tea from that place is 8 PPs.  Insane.  Then I also got hashbrowns & 2 breakfast burritos.  At the show, I got 2 hotdogs & a regular Coke.  I also helped Angel with her nachos.  That night we took Randy out to dinner for an early Father's Day to Texas Roadhouse.  I only had 3 of the addicting little rolls with cinnamon butter, a salad with honey mustard dressing (OK, that wasn't too bad) a 6 ounce sirloin & grilled shrimp & veggies.  I'm pretty sure the veggies are cooked in butter, tho.  Of course the excuse they put on their website is "all the food is prepared by different individuals & it is impossible to accurately post the stats" (my words - not theirs - because OMG, their website isn't working!!!).  Oh - then we went & got ice cream.  Medium chocolate cone dipped in chocolate.

Second confession - I just went on the Vitamin World website & ordered some Fireball Liqui-Fusion which is a "thermogenic, metabolic stimulator".   Hopefully this will give me that little extra kick that I need!   I've tried some other stuff before, but you needed to take it 1/2 hour before you ate & I always forgot.  This you take with meals, so that will be easier to remember! 

On the plus side.....we did a lot of walking in the sun Saturday and I did a bunch of yard work yesterday, so its not like I just sat on my butt & ate.  And I am now forced to slow down with my eating because I lost one of my temporary crowns after dinner / before ice cream on Saturday evening.  And my dentist isn't returning calls, so I'm sitting here with a naked stump that is ~extremely~ temperature sensitive.  Neat. 

So anyway, there is a chance of storms all week until Friday, so if I don't get out to walk, I will use the Wii Fit or a Walk At Home DVD. 

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