Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Antique store find

I couldn't resist.  I had to go back and get the deer print.  I love Mom & Pop places like that, she didn't have change so I got it for $40 !!!

This is about 21.5 inches tall x 13.5 inches wide.  
There's just a few chips in the finish of the frame.

From the side - you can see the curved glass. 

I posted pics of these on the Halloween Forum & I got a PM from one of the other "haunters" who does historical costuming & offered to send me a couple patterns for real 1890's dresses.  I just got them today.  She told me that the evening dress would be easiest to make and that just so happened to be the very dress that Angel liked!

That seems pretty ambitious, tho.  I may just take her to the Salvation Army & we'll find something there.  Obviously not Victorian, but something nice.  She'd be more likely to wear that more - at least around the house (she's weird like that !!)

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