Monday, June 27, 2011


I have redeemed myself.  I am no longer the Bad Puppy Mom. 

At the cost of an insane amount of $$, I took Jackapoo to the vet.  He got his vaccines - a poke and a squirt up the nose.  He got 2 vials of blood drawn - to test for both heartworm and any possible cooties from that tick.  He got his ears cleaned out - and they found another yeast infection in the one.  The vet checked his leg & had me walk him up and down the hall.  She thinks its an orthopedic issue and was going to refer me to a specialist. 

I have a problem with that..... * I * have my own referral to an orthopedic specialist & haven't gone, so there's no way he's going before me !!!  

So instead he's got an anti-inflammatory instead.  So we're going to try that and the glucosamine I've been giving him for a while.  He got a new stash of Revolution, soothing ear cleaner & medicated ear drops. 

Evenings are now quite the production.  Maggie gets her blood pressure medicine and some soft food, because she's spoiled.  At the same time, Jack gets all his stuff.  Whew!

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