Friday, June 24, 2011


-1.4 lbs last night.  It's nice to have lost almost all that I gained last week - and I know that TOM is lurking because I am PMSing really bad. 


I don't feel bloated & blah, but I swear I can't see my feet because of the 2 huge melons under my shirt.  Not liking that at all!  And even tho I wasn't hungry, I had one of the Friday morning bagels at work.  A cranberry bagel with blueberry schmear. 

No, actually I think the grumps have left.  I'm going out tonight to meet with a couple friends from high school.  One of them lives in Atlanta & can't make back up here in October for the class reunion, so it'll be nice to see him again.  I'll stick with light beer.

Still waiting to get my Fireball stuff from Vitamin World.   I'm curious to see how that works.

Supposed to be nice & cool this weekend, so I'm going to get the grass cut & maybe a Halloween prop or two made.  Saturday night I'll be going out to the National Weather Service office to visit Randy & the other hams playing at Field Day and of course the visit will coincide with dinner.  They usually grill burgers & dogs and there will be salad & fruit & desserts, too.

Alrighty!  Pulling up my big-girl panties and making sure to track & measure!

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