Saturday, June 4, 2011

More to come!

First of all - I saw a post on FaceBook today - dance pics are in !!!  But I have to wait until Monday to get them.  Oh well! 

Secondly - I got a new future-zombie.  Found this gem at the Salvation Army when I got the shirts for my Sentries last week.   Her expression is interesting.  Sometimes she looks like she's about to cry & sometimes it looks like she's about to throw a huge temper tantrum.  She's a bit smaller than the other 2 - and she comes with her own stand - wooohoo!  I'm envisioning some fangs....?

Tuesday we went to the school to watch Angel in her play for Drama.  Here she is as "Rosaline" in the party scene.  Looks like a rockin' good time!  The girl next to her was billed as "Julie's friend" and that's Julie in the black shirt & pushed up mask.  It was very funny, tho.  I loved the girl who played the Curtain.  She came out & stood there on the side of the stage, wrapped in a bedspread.  At the end of the act, she announced "And the curtain falls on Act 1" then fell on the floor.  She had a bunch of one-liners.

We had to check a siren at a cemetery in Rochester today.  I intentionally got there early so we could walk around.

 This was pretty cool.  I like the compass rose in the center. 
No idea what their last names were!

Yeah.  They probably are.

Fred had a rather unfortunate last name. 
And he wasn't the only one in the cemetery!

This is actually really awesome. 
It's the Oakland County Civil War Memorial.
On the back side is a list of all the people who served; soldiers & sailors.

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