Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last Day of School!!


My baby girl is officially a freshman!  

She swore that next year she's really going to TRY in school.  I'm so glad because ever since about 3rd grade, her teachers have been telling me that she could easily be an A/B student if she'd just turn her assignments in.   It's been really freakin' embarrassing to go to conferences & hear this every year.  

Sooo, she said she's not going to do cheer & she's going to try out for the UHS dance team in 10th grade.  I just learned a few minutes ago that there is a 9th grade JV team, but tryouts were last month.  Ooops!  Her issue, not mine!  But that's fine.  She's interesting in competing for the studio again, so she can concentrate on that & her schoolwork.  

BTW - she wasn't happy to learn that we'd get her a phone, not if she just brought her grades up, but if she kept them up!  Yet again - we don't expect honor roll, just Cs and up !!  I think that's more than fair!  And I hope she does because then (selfishly) I don't have to let her use mine!!!

She's been saying for a while that she wants to be a vet tech, which is cool.  She doesn't want to be a vet, because they do the operations & stuff (and requires med school!!!)  She really wants to go to Michigan State.  Over the winter we went to an Academic Blitz at school & she got introduced to the parent's best friend - community college!  Macomb offers a 2 year vet tech program, so she's all for going there.  Whew!  But we have a few years before worrying about that.  I still keep threatening her with dropping her off at the recruiters office & letting her choose which branch of the military she wants to go in. 

LOL, I got a call from her at 8:03 to bring her some longer pants.  Guess the school didn't get the memo about "wear whatever you want on the last day!"

Tonight is the recital dress rehearsal, so tomorrow's post will be totally pic heavy!!!

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