Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I truly do.  I think he is a master of torture and then I get to contribute to his unborn children's college fund for the priviledge of letting him & his assistant shove both hands and random tools into my mouth, causing excrusiating pain & massive discomfort.

I found out at my recent cleaning that I needed 3 crowns re-done.  I guess I have a "hard bite".  Which is funny, since I wear a bite guard at night for that very reason! 

So, stupid me, took time off work go do this yesterday.  To make it worse - none of them were together.  Top right, bottom right, bottom left.  Joy.

First he sprayed the nasty local anethestic on the areas where the huge freakin' needle of Novacaine was to go.  Seriously - has your dentist really ever let you get a good look at that thing??  There's a reason they hide it behind their backs before stabbing you.  ~shudder~.

To keep this short - I ended up getting enough Novacaine to stun a horse & now I can imagine what a zombie feels like with the lower half of your face gone.  Even my eyeballs felt numb!!  He had to put the temp crowns on as soon as they were ready because first the top right started to un-numb and the bottom ones didn't want to numb at all!  I probably got 8 or 9 shots altogether.  It was horrible.  The assistant said she's the same way so she hooked me up with some Motrin 800mgs before I left and gave me a prescription for more. She didn't even let me get out of the chair until I took one! 

And lucky me - I get to go back next week for a repair on a crown that I didn't even know was chipped and a new onlay (bigger than a filling, but smaller than a crown).  I will be taking one of those Motrins before I go in!!! 

One of my FB friends had the perfect status message yesterday.  "Jesus may have been a carpenter, but Satan was a dentist."  AMEN !!!!

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