Friday, June 10, 2011


I was up 1.2 lbs last night.

I was frankly surprised I was down last week, with TOM & such.  But since I'd been sick - I really hadn't felt like doing anything. so I dind't exercise or go for walks or anything all week.  And it showed. Plus my appetite wasn't affected any - at least until Tuesday when I went to the evil dentist. 

So soon as I got home from the meeting last night, I grabbed Jack & Randy & we went around the park before I had to get Pnut from dance.  It was pretty nice, since Randy almost kept up with me!  I only had to slow down a little bit!!  Woohoo for him!!!

So its supposed to be fairly cool this weekend, so more walking will be in store for me.  I need to go grocery shopping, too. And trim my nails, since I'm having a hard time typing! LOL!

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