Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day !!!

Yeah, I could post about my Dad, RIP, because he obviously had a huge impact on my life.  But I'm not.  This is going to be about my sweetie, Randy.

I took this one during our honeymoon trip to Niagara Falls in 7/2006. 

I met Randy in January 2002.   On Yahoo personals, as a matter of fact.  He wasn't like anyone I'd ever gone out with before.  He was a self-proclaimed computer geek and frankly, an average looking guy on the chubby side. (I know - like I'm really a supermodel!)  I finally met him in person when my computer crashed & he offered to come over to check it out.   Of course we weren't ready when he got there.  Angel was 4 and was running around the apartment naked after a bath.  I was dressed, but barefoot, trying to catch her.  He said that endeared us to him. 

He proposed to me while on a cruise.  We'd gone on an excursion in Cozumel, Mexico.  Horseback riding thru the jungle to see Mayan dancers in the bottom of a cavern, then riding back to the farm for real Mexican food & margaritas.  We were almost to the barn when I pulled up my horse (Holxux - means Damn Horse - I loved him!!)  to look back for him.    LOL! Anyway, Randy came trotting up on his Justa - which impressed me because he'd only been on a horse once before.  Right as he came up next to me, he asked.  It took a second to register what he'd said & then I am lucky that Holxux or Justa didn't shy away, because I almost leaped out of my saddle toward him to hug him & say yes!
 He hadn't gotten a ring for me, he wanted me to pick out one that I really wanted.  I found it on our cruise ship - Carnival Inspiration.  It's tanzanite, because it's so much more spectacular and unique than a boring ol' diamond.  Anyway, I found out later that he'd gotten Dad's permission!!  We'd taken Mom & Dad out to dinner as a thank you for watching Angel while we were gone.  He waited until Mom & I left the table & told Dad that he didn't know when he was going to ask, but he knew it was going to be that trip.  Dad was tickled pink!

Oh wait - Father's Day....not darling hubby day!  Here I think he is totally amazing, because when I met him, he was totally OK with the fact I had a kid.  And a cat.  So when he asked me to house hunt with him, I reminded him there was a package deal.  I would not give either of them up.  And I still haven't, altho I've been tempted to sell the girl to whatever troupe of gypsies or circus is near.

So anyway.... even tho he didn't have to, he became Dad.  He's been there to help Angel learn to ride a bike, he's sat thru all of her dance recitals (and hasn't complained much about the $$ involved there).  He helps with homework, he listens to her excessively rambling stories.  He's let her talk on his radio.  Luckily she's not dating yet (for another 10-15 years) but when she does, he's already plotting on how to scare the hell out of any poor guy that may show up at our house.

Yes, sometimes they clash.  I swear he could be her bio father, because they have the same degree of stubbornness.  But I clash with her, too.  She is a teenager now, ya know!

Our wedding was perfect.  I don't think I could have asked for a better day. 

Us with Pastor Kevin

Him & Angel dancing while I danced with Dad.

Anyway, Randy is a great husband...funny, goofy, smart, (TMI alert!!) amazing in bed, a wonderful provider, a good son to his Mom, a wonderful Dad to Angel.  I am so proud to be his wife. 

dressed as "static cling" for Halloween

being goofy!

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