Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Shall Not Forget....

I've seen a lot of other blogs with beautiful, moving posts about September 11 and what they were doing & how they felt.  This isn't going to be entirely about that.

I was at work with the radio on & since we had hit-or-miss internet access, all I could do is listen in horror to the people on the radio. I finally got to see footage that evening when I went to pick Angel up from daycare.  I have to give them credit for trying to keep the day normal for the kids, but there was a TV on in the infant room.  Anyway, the older kids could tell that something had happened, but they didn't know what.  Angel asked me about it when we got in the car.  So it was tough trying to explain the days events to a child who wasn't even 4 yet.   I choked up for a minute, but was able to tell her that some really bad people had stolen some airplanes and made them crash so a LOT of people had died.  Luckily I didn't have to go into any more detail than that, and she was OK with it.

This was not long before I met Randy.  He told me it was really eerie seeing planes being turned around at the US border.  We live in SE Michigan - we can go due south 25 miles and be in Windsor or go about 40 miles NE and be in Sarnia.  And him being into weather events and such, it was actually neat not seeing any air traffic at all.

This is the most beautiful shot of any of the footage I've seen.   I love this.

And lighten up......things that make me smile!

Randy with the elusive Spaminole.

 Angel & Lulu singing from the top of the fun house at the Romeo Peach Festival.

 Chester with laser eyes.

 Da puppy.

 Maggie buried under pillows.

Skeeter in mid-stretch.

 A big ol' katydid on the garage.

 A peach brownie.
Or a sugared butt, take your pick!


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