Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another "Back to School" post!!

Miss Angela is such a freakin' ray of sunshine!  These are the annual First Day of School pics.

This is the "hurry up & get this over with" look.

And this is either the "fake" smile or the "I'm constipated" grimace.  Not quite sure.

She wasn't thrilled that I made her sit down with some mini muffins & a glass of milk.  She's not one to eat soon after getting up.  But she needs all the brain fuel she can get!  Then heaven forbid I tell her to go brush her teeth before leaving.  I guess dragon breath & muffin poo in your braces is OK now-a-days.  I didn't ask if she had deodorant on.  But she is getting better about that. 

Her hair looks pretty good.  I gave her the option of me touching up her roots with bleach, or just dying her entire head a color similar to her natural color.  She opted for the color.  However, most stores don't carry dirty blonde.  So we got "Medium Golden Blonde".  Yeah.  Its kind of orange.  She just got it cut yesterday, and we got feathers put in.  The stylist told me that they were installed like extensions are.  OK, I don't know how extensions are put in!!  There's apparently a metal ring that a little piece of hair & the feather are threaded into - then pinched shut with pliers. Neat!  I don't think the woman understood me when I asked how they're supposed to come out.  So I still don't know.  And they're also supposed to last for up to 3 months!! 

Anyway, she was off to school & Randy back at work - so I blissfully spent the day alone - shopping!  If you really care about what I got, the majority is posted  here.

Now tomorrow, I have to go back to work.  BLAGH! ! !

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