Sunday, September 25, 2011

Surviving the girl's birthday - so far!

I'm taking advantage of the peace & quiet before "they" wake up!  This is "they"....

Rhyarna, Lauren, Angel, Lauren, Ashley

They look so sweet & innocent.  However, if you take one teen or pre-teen girl and multiply her, then noise and drama multiply exponentially.   Basically - OMG they are LOUD !!!!

There were 3 more invited, but obviously didn't show up.  One had previous plans and the other 2 had planned to come, but came down sick at the last minute.  Whew!  It totally worked out to everyone's benefit, since I was able to load them all into my car and unleash them at the mall for a couple hours.

I love the option on Domino's pizza website for future delivery.  I ordered the pizza before we left & said to have it delivered at 8:30.  We got home and the pizza was there 10 minutes later.

 MmMmMm.  Choc chip cookie dough ice cream & devil's food cake!

There was a makeup party.
LOL, Angel & Ashley made blackfaces & Rhyarna made a whiteface!  I see mustaches, too.

Anyway, they just hung out in her room goofing off & trying on past dance costumes & stuff.  Once midnight came and went, I was getting tired & bored.  We don't stay up that late.  And I watched more TV last night than I have in the past month combined!  I finally made them settle down at 2am and forced myself to stay up til 2:30 to make sure they actually were quieting down and yelled at them one last time to put the darn phones away.  It's almost 10am now and I'm starting to hear stirring from the cave.

I was sitting on the couch watching TV last night.  Skeeter was on the other end, Maggie was on the back & Chester was on the the loveseat, Jack was on the floor within reach.  Every so often, one would look at me with this pitiful expression.  I think they all wanted to go to bed, too! 

I haven't figured out who the huge slob is yet.  They used Angel's make up wipes to wash their faces & someone left their used ones on the counter instead of reaching over to the other side of the sink to drop them in the trash.  Probably the same person who keeps leaving the lid up in the bathroom.  And didn't clear her own plate.  Everyone else managed to get their plate from both dinner & cake into the trash.  I just spotted some more candy wrappers here by the desk, too.

I think I hear someone roaming around, so I'm signing off!  There will be a part 2 later.  Because after everyone leaves, we're heading out to the orchard with the family!

These were the colors she chose for her decorations.  
Just happened to match what she wore to dance.  And her braces.

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