Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ugh, what a week!!

OK, we didn't do a whole lot on our "staycation".  Just stuff around the house.

Monday was my birthday so I wasn't about to do a damn thing. Tuesday I ended up with a migraine so the lawn didn't get cut.  Randy got the garage somewhat cleaned out and a mini-ham shack set up in the corner.  Wednesday, a couple guys came over to help Randy install a new radio antenna on one peak of the roof & the TV antenna on another.  That required feeding them, so we had a nice BBQ.  Thursday summer decided to reutrn.  It was 93 degrees & humid, so we avoided going outside.  However, I did get the grass cut that evening.  I swear the lawn gets bigger every time I mow!  Friday was still hot & we hid inside. 

Yesterday we had to go to the dance studio, roll up approximately 1000 ad flyers & then go pass them out around a neighborhood.  We got pizza afterward, so no real complaints.  And going out in teams was much nicer than alone.  Tammy & I had 5 girls with us and we quickly discovered it was a whole lot easier to drive around with the van door open & let one of the girls stick them in the newspaper boxes.

Shelby, Angel, Angie, Lauren, Kerrigan

Then we left & went to do the siren test.  I'm sitting out on the side of the road with my stylin' amber blinkie lights going when I notice a car pull up behind me and a guy get out.  So I got out, too.  He asked for my license & registration and I recognized Barry, one of Randy's friends!!  Apparently I wasn't too far from his house!  LOL!

Then we went to go meet Mom, Laurie & Lisa at the Romeo Peach Festival.  I'd never been to it before.  Woo.  It was still hot & in the craft booth area there was no shade whatsoever.  I did pick up an awesome dress for the Renaissance Festival (another post) and also Mrs. Bones from PartyLite.

So we walked around that area, got in the car and drove down the road to Frontier Town, which is a little strip mall of stores, a separate antique store, a barn and a bunch of tents with stuff.  Lisa & Angel ditched us as soon as we parked to go to the carnival.  We had to hunt them down and almost drag them out!

 Singing in the top of the fun house!

And of course, even tho it was hot & sunny - there were thunderstorm watches out, so I embraced my geek-itude and carried my handheld radio with me, tuned to the county SkyWarn net.  Luckily, nothing happened while we were there, but I heard storms were popping up randomly & really quick.

So once we got home & ate, I got in the shower.  While I was in there- the lights went out, flickered & dimmed.  All sorts of crap.  I called Randy at NWS & he suggested flipping all the breakers off.  So Angel & I played cards by lantern & read by flashlight & finally we both went to bed.  We never got a real storm.  Some wind & thunder - a LOT of lightning, but very little rain.  It was weird.  When Randy got home, he checked the voltage in a wall outlet & it was reading 54.9 V - literally half power!  This morning he called DTE & they said we could expect to have it fixed between 9:30 & 11:30 tonight!!  So he hooked up the generator to at least plug the fridge in.  However, it came back on around 2:30 - whew!! 

And it did kill our planned trip to the Renaissance Festival.  So we're going there tomorrow.   Supposed to be 65 degrees!!!  Woohoo!  I can handle that!

Randy tried to set the alarm clock.  As he laid on his stomach, Maggie got on his back & Chester's up against his side.  He was stuck!

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