Sunday, September 18, 2011

MichRenFest 2011

Today was the most perfect day to go to the Renaissance Festival.  It was like 70 degrees and sunny.  Which also meant, at least 43 million other people felt that same way.  It wasn't too bad when we got there at 11, but later on - it was insane.  However - that gave me many photo ops. 

Most of these need no words.


 You can see my drinkin' horn better here. 

Angel got her caricature done.

 The Queen

 This guy's excuse for carrying a radio is that he worked there.
Randy on the other hand......

 Cellphone & cigarettes.  Totally staying in character!

 The wenches who followed the queen's entourage around. 

 This guy was fabulous & he told us so!

 My librarian looking sweater didn't really go with my dress, but it was a bit cool out. 
My ropers (boots) look pretty interesting, too.  But they're better than running shoes!

 Random mud dragon. 

It's good to get the whole family involved!

And of course we had to go see our favorite shows!

 Ded Bob

 Angel went to give Bob a "little green thank you note".

 The Zucchini Brothers

We were sad to hear this is the last year of the Zucchini Brothers because they're retiring.  Booo!

One of these days we're really going to dress up.  Randy wants a kilt.  O_o  Which would require Angel & I to wear the same tartan.  She was supposed to wear a dress with a corset top & flowy sleeves today, but she was a poo & didn't.

On the way home - they sky was beautiful!

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