Thursday, September 22, 2011


+/- 0

Yup.  Stayed the same!  I guess I'll take that.  It wasn't a gain, so I can't whine about it.

I thought I did a pretty good job of tracking this week and adding oil to my oatmeal, but I'm thinking I haven't gotten rid of that sodium OD from Tuesday yet.  I totally haven't been getting outside to walk, which is killing me.  It's so nice and cool out and I'm stuck inside trying to get the house cleaned up & decorated and then it's getting dark so early, too!!  Angel's birthday party is Saturday / Sunday and then Sunday we're going to meet up with the family at the orchard and do some apple picking & stoof. 

Then I will get plenty of exercise getting my Halloween stuff put out.  Woohoo!

So I'm hoping to at least get out the Wii and hear that annoying little Wii critter say "oooof" when I step on the board!  I know its been over a month since any of us have used it.  Shame on us!

Tonight's meeting wasn't particularly educational.  We were supposed to be talking about time management but somehow, Carol got sidetracked with this little contest she came up with last week.  We get a bingo chip for showing up for the meeting and another for a loss.  This is supposed to go on until next week.  Then who ever has the most chips gets to choose a prize.  Usually its a cookbook or some of the WW snacks.  Anyway, tonight she was asking questions so we could earn more chips.  Totally irrelevant stuff like who drives the farthest to the meeting (I got it because it takes 15-20 minutes to get there. Thanks, traffic!), who has the most unusual name (2 ladies tied with Kennet & Vernella), who has the most unusual vehicle (a guy has a 1932 Roadster of some sort that currently he's renting to a museum in Denver).  Goofy.

So anyway, its getting late & I will have to do a marathon cleaning session when I get home from work tomorrow, since all I hope to do while Angel is at dance Saturday morning is pick up her cake from Baskin Robbins, go to the dollar store for decorations & then decorate.  

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