Friday, September 2, 2011


Well, this wasn't a horrible as I expected - up .8 lbs - and I want to document that that included a 3.7 oz cell phone in my pocket!!!   I made sure to set my keys down before getting on the scale, but forgot about my phone.  Crap.  Oh well!

So vacation really hasn't been that bad to me.  Monday I gave myself permission to go nuts at dinner.  But the rest of the time really hasn't been that bad.   We've only been to Tim Horton's once this week (so far)

We had some people over Wednesday to help Randy install antennas and we fed them.  BBQ boneless country ribs, corn on the cob, salad, cantaloupe & watermelon.  Good stuff!  And Angel and I are still working on the watermelon & cantaloupe!  I'm happy to see that kid eat fruit at all!

Yesterday, summer returned to us, so it was high humidity & 93 degrees.  I went out after WI when it cooled off a bit and cut the lawn.  I had sweat pouring off of me and I swear I had no strength at all left in my body.  My shoulder that still is bothering me didn't thank me any, either.  I can't imagine going anywhere outside of the house today.  Supposed to be even hotter!! 

Luckily, Saturday night they're expecting a cold front to come thru & bring some rain and cool it off.  Good, because we planned on going to the Renaissance Festival Sunday with some friends.  A lot of walking around outside!

Until later!

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