Monday, September 19, 2011

Friend Makin' Monday - Creating Change

Man, this was a crazy weekend - I'm almost glad to be back at work so I can stay in one place!  Saturday started out nice & easy.  Randy went to a radio swap & I let Angel sleep in as long as possible.  So I messed around on the computer for a while, then went out to the garage with the intention of looking for some items I got last year for a project.  I ended up moving all of the Halloween totes to the front of the garage for easy access and getting out the sleeping bags and stuff to take to my sister's house.

So Angel had to be at dance at 12:30 and Randy was back home by then, so we dropped her off and went to have lunch together Then we went & browsed around the local Salvation Army (we are such romantic party animals!!).   After dance was the comp team meeting.  Oh yay - fundraisers! 

I admit I didn't make the best choice at lunch, but the mini steak filets smothered in mushroom gravy was SO good!  However I did order the lunch portion (2 filets instead of 4) and got steamed veggies with it.  And a side salad with light honey mustard.  So it wasn't a total bust.

Saturday afternoon the girl & I went to Laurie's, hoping we'd be too late to help paint the pasture fence, but we weren't late enough.  So I got about 2 hours of APs, doing a lot of bending & stretching with my roller.   Then we had some of the cheap, bake-your-own pizza and then 2 s'mores by the bonfire.  And because it was my niece's 16th birthday "party", there were NO adult beverages.  Just Coke Zero & water.

We were up bright & early Sunday and went back home to shower & change.  We've been planning to go to the Renaissance Festival since it opened.  We did stop at Tim Horton's on the way, and got to the RenFest around 11.  We did a ton of walking, looking at the shops & watching all the people in costumes.  Angel got some fried cheese sticks (I had a bite of one) and Randy got some BBQ turkey jerky and that was really all the food we had while there.  On the way home, we stopped at bd's Mongolian BBQ for dinner.  I love going there, since I load up with seafood & veggies and eat with chopsticks.  Yummy & fun!

OMG!  Did I really have my hand on it's butt???

I know I didn't drink enough water yesterday, I could feel it last evening and I had a light cramp in my calf this morning - which usually happens when I get dehydrated.  I'll make sure to get plenty drunk today!

Now....time for FMM !!!!  I'm copy/pasting this straight from Kenlie's post since she said it best!

So in the spirit of Lose For Good, instead of the usual post about ourselves this week, I’d like to ask you to give to someone who needs it.  Most of us don’t have to worry about our next meal, but there are plenty of people in this nation and around the world that worry about it everyday.  And while I don’t have an extra million dollars to spare, I do have canned food and other nonperishable item that I could donate to a local food bank or church or to someone in need.  (Finding a place to donate is as simple as doing a google search!) I haven’t always put myself before others.  In fact, I rarely do, but this is my chance to change that.  And I’m asking you to be a part of that change too.  It’s not about whether you count points or calories or none of the above.  And there’s no prize or reward for participating…This time, it’s just about people.
FMM: Creating Change
Here are the details…(I’m making this up as I go so feel free to make suggestions.)  To my wonderful friends and lovely FMM regulars, I’m asking that you write a quick post today about your plans to donate food to a local food bank or church or charitable organization in your area during the month of September. (You can even copy this paragraph for your own post if you want to.)  Maybe you plan to donate 10 cans of beans or 5 packs of spaghetti or one jar of peanut butter.  Or maybe you’ll make a cash donation or volunteer.  You don’t have to get fancy or expensive.  Just give as much as you can, and be proud of yourself for making a difference.   Then, like usual, post a link here about your plans to donate for change.  And if someone leaves a comment on your blog about their plans to donate food or money to the hungry, leave another comment here at letting me know.  And when you’ve gathered your donation, you can e-mail a photo of yourself and your goods so you can be featured on my blog.

**Don’t forget to come back and share your link, and have a happy Monday!**

I donate to the Vietnam Veterans regularly, usually clothes and household goods.  I've already had 2 pick ups this year and I always keep a basket available just to collect stuff to donate.  I also donated 2 large clothes baskets full of old towels & sheets to the Michigan Humane Society where we adopted one of our cats from.  It always feels so good to let items go that I know other people may need and (selfish thought) it's feels good to get all that extra stuff out of my tiny house!!  Oh, and because of my blood type, the Red Cross is always happy to see me!
However, I don't normally donate food.  So I will.  I'll both look thru my cabinets to find anything we won't use and I'll pick up some extra when I'm at the store the next time.  My church maintains a food pantry and this time of year, they start looking for items to put in Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets.

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