Monday, September 26, 2011

FMM & holidaze !!!!

Happy Monday!

This was NOT a pretty weekend!  Saturday night I had an extra 4 girls over my house for Angel's 14th birthday party.  I'm glad there weren't any more, since I was able to stuff them all in my car and unleashed them at the mall for a couple hours.  They still were up way past 2am.  Last time I yelled at them was at 2:38 to put the phones away!  But there was pizza.  And candy corn.  And a chocolate chip cookie dough / devils food ice cream cake.  I did have a couple pieces of pizza, but only one small slice of the cake. 

Then yesterday, we went to the orchard with the family, but for some reason we didn't actually pick any apples!  They have a pair of  huge inflated jumpy pillow things (a total RIOT!!!  My sister & I almost wet ourselves laughing so hard!!), a giant straw pyramid, a petting zoo, a "haunted" maze, a corn maze, tractor-drawn wagon rides, basically all sorts of fun stuff to do.  Oh and the most killer things ever......cider & donuts.  My total downfall this time of year.  They're like crack.  I can't help myself!! 

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FMM: What’s your favorite holiday?  And why? 

Woohoo!  My favorite holiday is Halloween!  There's just something about this time of year, when the leaves start to change and the air gets crisp, I can't explain.  I'm totally sad that my daughter is in junior high now and I don't have school parties or parades to go to.  I love to see the kids dress up.  Every year we go to a nearby town that has an entire street of big old Victorian houses that totally go over the top with Halloween.  It's quite awesome.  I also do a "yard haunt".  I have a large cemetery and life-sized figures and all sorts of fun stuff in my front yard, most of which I made myself.  It's not a scary place, tho.  It's pretty goofy, but that's what makes me happy!  I even have a blog for it.

However, I also enjoy Christmas.  I was involved in a Secret Santa gift exchange over the summer.  I don't do ~as much~ decorating then, but I still have some neat things I put out in the yard.  I love the lights and atmosphere.  I'm not as thrilled with the amount of snow we get in SE Michigan as much as I used to be.  And there is another nearby town where each business in the downtown strip gets covered in lights for the entire month of December. It's a huge, beautiful spectacle.  Oh, I have already started shopping.  I don't like to wait til the last minute.  And I look forward to going to craft shows with Mom & my sisters every year.  

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