Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dance team, too?

Miss Angela is going to be the death of me.

Try-outs for the high school dance team were Monday & today.  Of course, she had already told me that she was only going to dance at the studio this year, no cheerleading or anything, so I didn't bother getting her the required sports physical when she went in for her regular "well-child" visit before school started.

So Monday, we had stopped at Mom's after Angel's ortho appointment & all of a sudden it was imperative she get to try-outs.  Luckily, Mom told me about a little clinic near her house that does walk-in physicals, so we stopped in.  It was 5 when we finally left the clinic & try-outs began at 4:15. 

Then we weren't even sure where try-outs were being held.  So it was easily 5:30 when she finally got in the room.  I wasn't in a hurry, because I assumed try-outs were just that & there were 2 days to actually go in & do your thing.  Guess not!  They apparently had to learn a couple short routines and actual try-outs are today.  Luckily, she was welcomed in & one of the varsity girls took her to the side & got her caught up on what they'd covered already. 

I have to work this out in my mind, since it already sounds pretty likely she'll make the team.  The varsity girl I just mentioned was really impressed with her skillz.  And Angel said what they covered was pretty easy, too.  She was tickled with doing a kickline! 

I emailed one of the coaches & she told me that they dance for both football & basketball home games.  I get the impression that the dance team performs at half-time and the cheerleaders do their thing on the sidelines for the whole game.  And the dance team competes, too. The varsity team has already qualified for Nationals! 

The issue I have is making sure that school dance team & studio dance team don't conflict.  She's got classes at the studio on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday ((insert eye roll here)) and school practices on Monday & Wednesday.  OK, groovy.  Yeah.  Football is nice & straight forward.  Games on every other Thursday at 4:30.  Basketball is nuts!  They have them it looks like random dates & times!  It's too confusing to even list!  WTF ! ! !   And I'm afraid to think about competitons!  3-4 for school team and 2 for the studio team.   On the plus side.....only one costume for school! 

I did manage to talk her into dropping 2 of her studio classes if need be.  She could easily drop 3 / all of her Tuesday classes - but she really likes lyrical, so I will be nice.  

So I guess you'll be hearing back probably tomorrow if she made it or not!  Tonight is also open house at school, so Randy & I get to go thru a shortened version of her day and meet the teachers and learn about her classes.  Woohoo!  But at least its not conferences.  Don't even get me started on those.

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