Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fire Up for Fall - weeks 1 & 2

I just got involved in this and I missed week 1, so I'm going to do both weeks together. 

This is going to be a Monday thing.  I need to post something positive and updates on how I'm doing to get Fired Up on my weight loss journey.   Then I'll link back to Rebecca's page and then get to read others' posts, too!

Week One Questions: Here we go!

1. What are your goals for the Fall Challenge? (List your 5 or more goals)
     a. to at least see a loss on the scale each week.  Something....anything!!
     b. to dust off the Wii and start doing yoga
     c. or to get out walking again before the weather turns crappy.
     d. don't buy any more cider or donuts!!!
     e. try a new recipe a week and post about it.
2. Why have you chosen those goals?  #a is simple.  I am tired to seeing the same numbers at my Weight Watchers meeting each week!  #b & c is to get my booty moving!  #d is my downfall.  #e is to help combat the kitchen boredom that I suffer from.

3. What have you done this week that's made you feel fabulous? Its not really related to my physical being, but the mental.  I worked my butt off to get my house clean for my daughter's birthday party this past weekend.  It looks so pretty!  I don't want anyone to touch anything.  Or open the laundry room.  :D

4. What do you think will be your biggest challenge in reaching your goals?  My willpower.  It's apple orchard time, so that means cider & donuts.  I only have them this time of the year, so i really have to try not to go crazy.

5. Fun Question! Where in the World do you live? What's amazing about it?  I live in Shelby Township, Michigan.  It is located about 20 miles due north of Detroit.  There aren't really any famous landmarks or anything here.  Oh wait - back in the day, in the park at the end of my street, the boxer Joe Louis had a thoroughbred horse ranch and a fancy restaurant.  It was also a stop on the Underground Railroad during the Civil War where runaway slaves could stop on their way to Canada.  It was also a Nike Missile Site during the 40's and 50s.
But overall, it's just a really nice place to live.

This is my positive image.  This was taken at my niece's graduation party in 2007.  OK, it's pretty horrible.  Looking at this helps me to remember why I joined Weight Watchers and my vow to never look like this ever again!

Week Two Questions...

1. What have you done this week to help you achieve your goals?  I confess to not really doing much.  My daughter's birthday party really threw a wrench in my staying on track.  The whole willpower thing, ya know.

2. What have you done to make yourself feel fabulous?  The whole family went to the apple orchard this weekend.  My sisters and I look forward to going on this huge inflated jumping pillow.  It is just so much fun!  I felt fabulous just by laughing so hard.

3. What is your talent? What are you good at? {Genuinely, EVERYONE has something big or small} Hmm.  I'm pretty creative.  I love Halloween and the vast majority of my cemetery (aka yard haunt) is made by my own hands. 

4. What's been the highlight of your week, toot your horn, what are you proud of !  Got my house clean!

5. Fun Question: What's your guilty pleasure TV?  I don't watch a whole lot of TV.  The only show I go out of my way to watch each week is CSI (Vegas).  However, I did have the TV on Saturday night and was flipping thru the channels and came across RuPaul's Drag U.  OMG.  I was riveted!  It was both fascinating & mildly appalling at the same time.  

This positive image goes along with the scary one above. This is me down 64 lbs.    

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