Monday, July 25, 2011

Water Weekend!

Such fun!  There will be another post about this, because I still have to get our 2 waterproof cameras developed.  These pics are from my regular camera before we left.

Saturday afternoon, Laurie & I (along with the Tweedles, niece Lisa & Angel) drove up to Linda's place in Gladwin.  Linda & clan were coming up later, so we hung out with the neighbor, Scott (who is totally hot for Laurie - LOL!!)  Seriously, this guy had a cooler full of Bud Light, Miller Lite (for Laurie), 2 different kinds of Smirnoff Ice and 3 trays full of jello shots.  How much did he really expect us to drink??? 

Lulu wanted Angel to roll on her to crack her back. 

Anyway, we had a few beers (and about 15 jellos shots each) then went out on the water.  I called dibs on the jet-ski, so everyone else got on the pontoon boat.

Moment of drama - I went around the lake twice to re-familiarize myself with the jet-ski.  I'd only been on it once before.  Then I went back to get Angel to ride with me.  However, I didn't know about the scam.  She's technically too big to ride in front of me, but I didn't know that.  But she wanted there so she could drive and get away with it, since she's not legal for 2 months yet.  Anyway, she attempts to climb in ront of me & proptly flipped us.  I thought it was funny, but she apparently didn't.  So we climbed back on (so proud I could even do this in deep water!!), but I couldn't find the ignition to plug the key back in.  I tried to look around her, but she leaned, too and we flipped over again.  She got mad & ~extremely~ dramatic because the seaweed was grossing her out.  So I told her to go back to the boat, I wasn't listening to her bitch & moan.  Anyway, it was too late.  The jet-ski was dead.  So no one else got to ride it.

Scott tied it to the pontoon & he tossed out the anchor, so we just vegged & swam near the boat for a while.   Angel did finally get over her snit & once she realized we were too deep for the seaweed to get her, she did go back in the water.  Lulu sat there on her phone, trying to get a signal, like a huge putz.  Pppft.

So after that, we went back to the camper to get changed & went back to Scott's for more beer & jello shots until Linda, Dave, Catie & boyfriend Charlie arrived.  We never saw Scott again after that!  I don't know why he never came over to the fire!  Oh well.

We made hot dogs & S'mores & then called it a night.   We found this in Kroger & bought a bottle to give to Linda as a thank-you for letting us use her camper.  LOL!  How perfect!!

Linda & I were the Happy Good Morning wake up committee Sunday.  Laurie & the girls are not morning people, and we are.  So at least 2 of us were highly amused.

The severed hand made an appearance several times.  
This lumpy sleeping bag is Angel. 

Sunday dawned cloudy & (after last weeks temps near 100) cool.  We really thought we were going to get rained out.  But we went to White's Canoe Livery anyway.  It was rather unpleasant to begin with.  I believe there were 16 of us all together.  Me, Laurie, Linda, Catie, Charlie, Michelle & Denny all tied together with the cooler tubes in the middle.  Angel & Lulu eventually tied on to us, too.  Michelle's 2 daughters with their respective boyfriends and friends went off in their own groups.

I'm happy to say only minor injuries occured.  We stopped to climb the river bank at one point to slide down the mud into the river.  This is what happened to me....

and that was while trying to climb back up to go a second time!  Gonna be really colorful in another couple days!  I took this pic right before I started this post.

Catie got hurt somehow, not quite sure where or on what since she's a bit dramatic.  Trisha slammed her knee into a rock underwater, it was all swollen & nasty looking.  Angel skinned up one of her knees while dunking Laurie "like a donut!!"  I got stabbed in the back on my arm with the branch of a tree that we went under.  Almost tore my bathing suit, too.  I had my tube around my waist, walking and it got shallow, so I was trying to keep my legs from dragging bottom and instead caught the skirt of my suit on something. 

Of course the sun came out about 30 minutes from the end.  Go figure!

Anyway, it was still fun and we'll probably try to go on a Saturday next time!  I was so exhausted last night.  I had told Angel she was going to bed at 9:30 and fought to stay awake until then.  I don't think I moved until the alarm went off this morning!

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