Sunday, July 3, 2011

More future props...

Friday night, Randy & I were at the Salvation Arny when I saw this mortar & pestle....I cannot type the sound of delight & excitement I made when I saw it. It is honestly the one thing I had in mind that I really needed for my kitchen.....

I'll even forgive the lady who unlocked the display case for not knowing what it was.

I've already repainted this a dark metallic color.  
Randy was aghast, since it was heavy brass.   I think brass is ugly. 

Another 1/2 gallon sized bottle to match the jug I got previously.  

This is 6 or 7 inches tall & made of metal.  I think it'll look great on top of a tombstone.

Well, I've been saying for the past couple weekends that I'm going to work on my zombies.  I probably will today - Randy needs a chunk of foam for a tracker he's making - and the only foam we have is in Peeping Tom or Marilyn.  Both of whom I want to remake anyway. 

Oh yeah - and some other things I ordered from "the Skeleton Factory".... I want to make a grave periscope, which is a simple corpsed arm coming out of the ground, holding an eyeball.  Well, I don't want to buy an entire skeleton just to lop off his arm.  This site had a skeletal arm / hand !  For a whopping $2.50, too !!!  Woohoo - MINE!!  I also got a nice plastic chain and this.....

A Handful of Roses.

Anyway - I think I'm done here for now.  I need to get my butt outside, since I won't get much done around here tomorrow.  We have to be over at the parade route at like 7 or some other unGodly hour.  But at least we're meeting at Tim Horton's so we can fuel up. 

 Some nasty storms came thru last night.  Most of it missed us, but the air was an eerie yellow afterward.  And there were these funky puffy clouds.
This is the best shot I got of the yellow-ness.  
Oh, and my Skelemingoes!

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  1. Oh, I've wanted one of those mortor thing-a-ma-jigs. And I love all of the hands.


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