Monday, July 18, 2011

FMM - 10 Random Questions

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FMM: Ten Random Questions
1) What do you like most about yourself? My imagination and sense of humor

2) List three characteristics that you like to have in your friends.  honesty, fun, someone sort of like me

3) How often do you brush your teeth? twice a day

4) If you could travel anywhere today, where would you go?  either Australia of Europe (a bunch of cool places all fairly close together)

5) Have you ever met anyone from the blog world in person? nope

6) What is the last show you watched on TV? How It's Made.  I have a hard time sitting still to watch TV.

7) What kind of perfume/cologne do you wear? When I do wear it, it's something I got from Victoria Secret.  I don't remember the name of it.

8. How long ago did you complete your last workout? Saturday morning

9) What will you eat for dinner tonight? I don't know yet.  It's the hubby's birthday so he gets to choose where we go to celebrate.

10) Share something fun that you did over the weekend. Went shopping with my sister, niece & daughter at a Salvation Army - we had fun watching the girls try on wedding dresses & shoes.

Now it’s your turn, and you know what to do…Don’t forget to come back and link up!  Happy Monday!

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  1. Oh, I do need to make time to go shopping with my sis soon, I love the share time! stopping by from FMM


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