Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mostly Unhappy Birthday

Yesterday was Randy's birthday.  He had the day off work, since that is one of the few nice things that company still does for their employees.  He very graciously offered to pick Pnut up from school so I could leave that much earlier from work and we could go out to a nice dinner while she was at dance.

Also, Saturday on our way home from shopping, I saw a billboard along I-75 for Edible Arrangements & thought that would be a brilliant idea for him!  So I ordered a nice arrangement & arranged to have it sent to his work (luckily I remembered early enough Monday to get it changed & have it delivered to the house!!)

So anyway, around 2:30 I texted him to find out if anything had been delivered yet. He replied back that he didn't know - he'd been at his friend Dave's since noon!  Oh great!  I checked the website & E.A. said if no one was home, they'd leave it with a neighbor!  We don't really know any of our neighbors that well, especially to leave nommy food with them!!  When they called to tell me there was no one home, I ended up paying an extra $6 for a big ol' cooler bag since I was going to be home in like 45 minutes.

So when I left at 5, I texted him again.  He was still at Dave's working on his computer & it was taking longer than he expected.  I started to get mad.  First of all - why in the hell would you offer to work on someone's computer on your birthday????  And secondly, when did a project NOT take longer than expected????

Anyway, I dropped Angel off at dance & around 6, he told me he couldn't stop what he was doing because he'd really mess up the computer if he left it.  The texts went back & forth.  I got madder and madder.

I have to interject - I have no idea why this whole situation pissed me off as badly as it did.  It just did!  The last time I was this mad...I was still with Angel's Donor.  I literally was shaking.

Finally, I told him that Dave needed to take him out for dinner, since I obviously wouldn't get to.  And then to stay there as long as needed because he really didn't want to be around me at that moment.

I sat here & fumed for a while, with all the cats sympathizing with me.  Finally around 7 - I decided to go shopping (which ended up being a total bust - guess I wasn't meant to shop for anything other than kitty litter & toothpaste!)    He texted me around 8 saying he was leaving Dave's finally.  I stopped at Subway in WalMart & grabbed a sub for dinner then proceeded to dink around as long as possible.  Angel got out of dance at 9:15 so I waited for her.

We got home & he was laying on the bed.  I went about my business & messed around on the computer for a while.  Then he went outside.  He was out there for a while, so I got ready for bed.  He came in a while later & that's when we finally talked.  Grr - he told me he'd been waiting for me to come over & talk to him.  The same when he went outside.  Helloooo!  I don't read minds.  If you wanted to talk - tell me!

So anyway, all is good now.  And I'm taking him out to dinner tonight. It sucks that his birthday was such a crappy day, but hopefully today was better!

Honeydew melon, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries dipped in chocolate 
and pineapples dipped in chocolate!

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  1. I can relate. I get so mad over things that later don't seem like a big deal. Oh, well. I'm glad you ended up having a good dinner!


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