Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another mostly successful shopping trip!

Angel & I made our solo trip to Always Christmas yesterday.  It was nice.  We did walk thru the village but didn't go into any stores.  A.C. itself was a glorious ghost town - hardly any people there at all!  We were in & out in less than 2 hours.  These are some of the ornaments we got.

It's got a mirror mosaic on its butt!

The World!

A solid glass Razorback

Not an ornament, but this matches the other gingies I have that are too cute!

Orange kept catching my attention this day.

Another dancer ornament!

This peacock is probably 9 inches long & had a clip on the bottom.

Angel's lime green Mustang 

Another orange one!

And of course we scoped out the H'ween section.  I wasn't too happy with it. Most of their stuff was over-priced or those ugly mouth blown pieces... so I just got these...

Eyeballs.  They're about the size of a golf ball (life-size?)


I should have gotten pics of their Dept. 56 display.  It was cool!

Once we got home, we kept getting goofy texts from Lisa of Laurie wearing weird things, so we ended up driving out to Romeo to join them.  We went into this little consignment store & I found this and absolutely could not leave without it!
It's slightly smaller than my half-gallon jugs.  
But the color & shape & everything is AWESOME!!!  
I even got Angel's blessing to get it. 

They had a big sale at the Salvation Arny, so we went there, too.  I didn't see any clothes that I liked, but if I was skinny & scrawny like the girls - I would have made out better.  Laurie didn't even find anything she liked.   The tweedles had fun trying on shoes & dresses.

I think its rather scary that these dresses fit them perfectly.  
Who the hell wore them originally???

 I ended up buying this dress for her.  
No idea why.  
But it was only $5

Looking at the wedding dress Angel had on - it reminded me of a tombstone that one of my H'ween Forum friends created.  
That dress would have been perfect, style & size - except for the fact it was $300 !!! That's twice as much as I paid for my own wedding dress!  And there's no way I can aspire to be as amazingly talented as Terra is!

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