Friday, July 15, 2011

7/15/11 Hooky!

I chose not to weigh in this week.  It's been a lousy week anyway, and the possiblity of a gain probably would made me go postal or at least cry.

Next week should better for me mentally.  The whole staying-late-at-work really sucks.  But I've discovered that I'm staying later than I really need to so I'll be sure to keep closer track for the next 3 weeks until BratGirl is done with summer school & dance. 

It's supposed to get hot & humid this weekend, so it'll be time to break out the Wii & DVDs again.

I need to take measurements again.  I noticed when I was off WW & right after I started back - I had reverted back to wearing baggy clothes.  All week & last weekend I've had tighter tops on & have felt pretty confident that I'm not grossing people out.  Randy actually took a full-length picture of me on the way to Toronto that I like! 

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