Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's the weekend! WOOHOOOO!

I am so glad this week is over!  And I'm even more glad that summer school is half over!  Good news is - BratGirl, I mean Angela, brought home her progress report & she's got a solid 85% - a B !!! 

I've mentioned how fortunate I feel about my work letting me leave during the day to shuttle her around.  Tuesday I really thought an end was going to be put to that!  She started the summer dance session this week.  Thankfully the Monday classes got moved back so they don't affect me any, but Tuesday they still start at 3:45.  I could tell BossLady wasn't happy, but I am making up all this time that I'm gone.  AND IT SUCKS !!!!!  When you're used to leaving at 3:30 - staying until 5:30 is horrible.

So I'm keeping elaborate records to make sure I don't screw myself (ahem - my paycheck) but also make sure I'm not there any longer than I absolutely have to be.   I'm sure that no one has any clue what my actual hours are - but that's OK.  Me, the boss & the timeclock know.  And as long as I'm getting my work done - I'm not affecting anyone else.

Then I had to cover for Geri one day because her car crapped out.  So Wednesday & Thursday I had a slight anxious feeling that I didn't like much.   We stopped in KFart one day and Angel always checks her blood pressure on that machine near the pharmacy.  I did it too, this time.  It said I was pre-hypertensive.  Neat.

Oh - and I got some more chocolate wine - but this kind is disgusting!  I don't like concord grapes to begin with so "Sweet Sunset's Red Chocolate" may continue to ferment in the septic tank.  Even mixing it with chocolate milk didn't help any.  ~blagh~  I'll stick with my ChocoVine. 

Anyway... to celebrate the weekend & the halfway point, Brat & I are going to Canterbury Village to the Always Christmas store.  I do not care that summer has finally struck us here in SE Michigan, this is a good time to go.  The riff-raff aren't thinking of Christmas right now!  I am signed up for the Secret Santa exchange on the ChristmasFanClub forum and also the Secret Reaper exchange on the HalloweenForum - there also happens to be a nice little Halloween section in the basement at Always Christmas.  2 birds, 1 stone, baby!

Also, we haven't mentioned this excursion to anyone in my family.  It is a huge, insane production to go shopping or anywhere with Mom & the sisters & nieces.  I love them dearly, but they make me crazy.  Apparently Angel feels the same way - she's happy just the 2 of us are going.   I'll give her $20 and she can buy anything she wants.  It's funny how careful she is shopping when it's her own money that she uses!

So, Angel isn't up yet, so I guess I'll throw some shorts on & go do some Wii yoga since it's been forever since I got on there.  That darn little Wii bitch will "Oooof" at me when I step on the board, I know it!

I don't think Randy is as happy with my Halloween obsession as I am.  
Marilyn is hanging right inside the door so I could put a coat of spray paint on her scalp.  
He's walked into her.  Probably several times.
This is my latest ebay purchase.  
I've decided I need more JOLs this year.

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