Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Amazing Anniversary Trip !!!!

Randy surprised me with an awesome trip to Canada for the weekend!!

Got to love construction signs!
 The Bluewater Bridge between Port Huron & Sarnia

Friday we had dinner in the revolving restaurant in the Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls (this is the “unfinished business” he told me about – we didn’t go there while in NF for our honeymoon!)  It was sooooooooo goooood! !  And we had escargot for an appetizer!!  Randy wasn’t sure about it, but it was swimming in garlic butter so that drowned out whatever taste it may have had.  Then after our meals, we had the waitress take our picture and when she found out it was our anniversary, she brought out this amazing (complementary) chocolate cake for us.  ~drool~

 The Skylon Tower
 The view at dinner
 Our cake!
The Horseshoe Falls at dusk
The American Falls at dusk

Then we visited the little gift shops in the bottom of the tower & then sat outside & watched the fireworks over the falls. 

Back at the hotel, we relaxed in the Jacuzzi tub and Randy told me that we were only staying there one night. Ooooo!

Saturday we got up & had breakfast at this little podunk diner that we found while there for our honeymoon.  Then we drove to Toronto!

Of course we had to stop by here first…..
 I need to research this to find out what it is & why it is inside the breakwater

Toronto is a bit like NYC, I assume.  Everyone lives in high-rise condos and you have to pay like $240 a month to rent a parking spot!  No wonder there is a fantastic public transit system!  Sheesh!  Anyway, the valet took our car down the automobile elevator to the basement – so we didn’t plan to use it again until we left! 
 2011 Chevy Impala 
with plenty of room for at least 2 bodies in the trunk!

Anyway, we took the subway to Casa Loma.  It used to be this guy’s private residence until he had to sell it to the city and is now a museum of sorts.  Very pretty!  Then back on the subway & we went to 99 – which is Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant.  Then we went to Yukyuk’s – a comedy club.  Canadian comedians are hysterical – and Randy drew attention to us, so we had the crazy American / Detroit jokes all night – LOL!  After that, we stopped by Tim Horton’s, of course, and got dessert and a coffee to take back to the hotel.  We enjoyed the Jacuzzi tub after all that walking!

 Casa Loma
 Randy on the YukYuk's stage

Sunday we got up & had breakfast at Timmy’s on the way to the CN Tower to play tourist.  It was slightly hazy, but we could still see a lot. Of course we had to go up in the SkyPod!  That is 1465 feet up!!!!    Then we went back to the hotel to get our car & went to the Toronto Zoo! 

 Looking up at the CN Tower
 Us in the CN Tower
 Oooooo - glass bottom floor!

Wow – that zoo is not for the out-of-shape !!  It even said on the map that there were steep hills – and they weren’t kidding!  But it was a nice zoo – very spread out and with it being overcast, a lot of the animals were out roaming around. 

 Poutine !!!!

We left the zoo at 5:13 and even with stopping for a sit-down dinner before crossing the border, and stopping at duty-free, we were home around 10:30. 

Randy is the greatest for coming up with this on his own & pulling off a wonderful weekend!  He’s afraid he won’t be able to ever beat this.  I’m not worried about it!  I told him for our 10th anniversary we could go back to Alaska. Just a thought – but I’m happy just to get a weekend away with him!

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  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Wow. What a great time you guys must have had. I start itching for a trip when I see great photos like that :)


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